Brava Pastoral

Nickname: Muszka

  • N.H.S.B. nr: 2906203 (Import)
  • Dob: 03.02.2012
  • Color: tri-colour
  • Variety: Powderpuff
  • PRA-RCD3, PRCD, PLL Clear
  • met pensioen

Muszka is our first chinese. We took her home when she was 6 months old. The family had something of what we should think about this, but soon the whole family loved her super character. In the meantime, she is the senior in the house, but she can also be placed in the role of a fool. Run like a madman through the garden and then suddenly stop and look at you like What?. And then cross again. At the other moment she wants something from you and then she throws in all her charms. She can also bring out her book of tricks if she wants something or is just in a crazy mood. People often ask why you call her a princess, then they come to us and get to know our princess Muszka. And they have to admit that she is a real princess, but with fools.