Brava Pastoral

  • N.H.S.B. nr: 2906203 (Import)
  • Dob: 03.02.2012
  • Color: tri-colour
  • Variety: Powderpuff
  • PRA-RCD3, PRCD, PLL Clear

Muszka is our first Chinese Crested (PP).  She came to live with us when she was six months old.  The rest of the family needed a bit of time to get used to her but it did not take long before everyone was in love with her great personality.  In the meanwhile, Muszka has grown up into a lovely Powder Puff - she looks like a princess, but acts like a clown!  She can run like crazy through the yard, come to a sudden stop and give you a look that says "aren't I cute?"  And off she goes again.  When she wants something from you, she uses all her charms and tricks to get her way.  People sometimes ask why we call Muszka our princess, but when they come for a visit and get to know her they can see why we call her our 'clown princess'.