Welcome!  Thanks for stopping by and having a look at my site.

My name is Marianna Koppelaar and I live in Alteveer, Groningen together with my husband, Johan, and our three children:  Jesse (1992), Cheyenne (1995) and Darwin (2003).  We are active with our dogs on a daily basis.

I got my first dog, a Malinois (Belgian Shepherd, shorthair), when I was 16 years old.  Ever since then I have remained active with my dogs and have participated in various areas:  agility, IPO, search and rescue, obedience, doggy dance, etc.  I have also been an instructor and have fostered problem dogs.  The first Trishablue litter was born in 1995.

My priorities now are showing, doggy dance, and behavior.  Two of our children, Cheyenne and Darwin, participate in agility.  My main goal in breeding is to produce healthy dogs.  Additionally, I want the dogs I have bred to have stable temperaments and be pretty enough to show (according to the breed standard).  I want them to be versatile enough to participate in any number of doggy sports - obedience, agility, doggy dance, etc.

I spend a lot of time selecting the right partner for my female as it is important to me to produce a litter that will have a positive influence for my breeding program in the future and be of use to the breed as a whole.  This means that I am also very particular about where my puppies go when they leave our home.  I hope that prospective puppy buyers will not hesitate to ask questions.

Well, now you know a bit about us.  Have fun looking around the website - hopefully you will get to know us (and our dogs) a bit better.

Please feel free to ask for more information about us, our dogs and our plans for future litters.

If you already own a dog from the "Trishablue" family, we would love to hear from you or see pictures.
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